It is the mission of this site to provide you with an Educational Resource for:
BlockChain Technology and,
The War on Cash.
To equip you with the tools and resources necessary for effective Cryptocurrency management. Primarily focused on Bitcoin.


In a few short years interest in Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies has exploded. There is now a vast amount of information available with which to educate yourself. The problem is picking through it all to find the good bits. In a language you can understand.


This site is designed to save you from that time and effort. To give you an instant shortcut.

Whether you are just learning, looking for ways to better manage your Crypto operations or you wish to Trade the market – you will find help here.

Reading the Blog Posts. – will provide you with an all round education and keep you up to date with some of the latest news and developments.

About Bitcoin, BlockChain Technology, War on Cash  – provide a simple overview of the related subjects.

Tools and Links – will give you access to resources for effective management and further education.

Trading – will open the door to a world of opportunity to profit from the crypto craze.

Guides and Books – provide suggested sources for further education.


Thank you for visiting…and welcome to the revolution.




Most of the blog posts are aggregated from articles I find on the web and from subscription services. They mainly reflect other peoples opinions. I will also rarely post my own comments. Like anyone I have my own biases but will try to remain balanced and post opinions from both sides of the fence. Therefore information on this site may sometimes appear contrarian and contradictory.
Read and learn, but remember that these are opinions. Take what you will then throw out what doesn’t fit for you. Make up your own mind.
I am not a financial advisor. Nothing on this site should be taken as financial advice.