BlockChain to Defeat Mindless Bureaucracy?

You should be well aware by now that Blockchain Technology offers us much more than merely a means to store and transact in CryptoCurrencies.
We can use it to directly store, or to unlock the storage of all sorts of digital content from property titles to multimedia.

We can use it to keep that information private, available only to those we authorise by provision of the Key, or to keep information open to the public – for the record.

Imagine for a moment, if you will. Imagine if our Government issued ID’s (Passports, Drivers Licence, Tax Number, Birth Certificate, Social Security etc, etc, etc, ..), were issued onto a Blockchain. (As well as in hard copy).

Any Agency that thereafter requested an ‘original’, ‘notarised’ copy ‘not more than 6mths old’ etc could then access it online, with our express permission. And just imagine it was incorruptible, non hackable and immune to fraud, (or sale to third parties! etc). Something the technology is already capable of achieving.

Can you see the huge amount of waste, fraud, ID theft, etc this could eliminate overnight? Not to mention the sheer ‘pain in the arseness’ that citizens are forced to endure in their daily lives in order to comply with ever increasing amounts of bureaucratic … compliance.

I know I’m not the only one. Allow me to illustrate with a couple of personal examples which will no doubt bring to mind your own, many, many examples of similar such Bureaucratic Nonsense.

While Overseas I thought I would take the opportunity to open a local bank account. So I went in to a branch to enquire. No problem I was told. I just needed a Govt. ID Number, issued by the local Police, & a Passport.

So off I went to the Police and filled out the required form. They processed it into their system and issued me with another form.

Now you need to take this form to another office I was told (in a neighbouring suburb), & pay them. They will issue a receipt which you need to bring back here…then we can issue the ID.

While happy to comply, the stupidity of sending so many people on this seemingly un-necessary roundabout was not lost on me. I did not ask why It would not be easier for everyone if they could just process everything there at once, including payment of the small fee.

So back to the Police Station with the receipt and the ID was issued. So far so good.

Then back to the Bank with the ID and Passport where I was THEN informed that they ALSO required an official print out of my Tax number from my Country of residence. Inconvenient I thought, as I didn’t have that on me, but at least we have the internet (and a printer), I thought. I should be able to track it down.

After arriving home I began my Google search on how to find my Tax Number.

The solutions I found were that I could access it via my Accountant, my Employer, on a Notice issued by the Tax Office, by contacting the Tax Office by phone, OR online via a ‘MyGov’ account.

Being self Employed I was unable to contact myself. Being overseas with opposite hours, I was unwilling to contact my Accountant. Not being in possession of an official Tax Office Notice and reluctant to call them at 1am my time, which I just knew would involve waiting on hold music for a ridiculous amount of time and chewing up all my phone credit before being hung up on or dropping out, left me with the option of extracting my Tax Number online via a ‘MyGov’ account. Easy I thought, that’s me.
(MyGov=Another beautiful website created at stupendous cost to taxpayers by genius bureaucrats using redundant technologies). Honestly, my 12yr old can already produce a more functional site.
(BTW: VOIP was out as my connection is not THAT reliable).

So, after going through the process of setting up a MyGov account, answering the numerous questions, receiving a verification code by email, entering the code etc I finally arrived at the page where I could get to my Tax Number. Hooray I thought, almost done!

Next was a notice that in order to access further I had to link my Tax Account to my MyGov account. In order to do this, I needed to input ……….. my Tax Number! Brilliant. What a circle you have created, surely there is a work-around for all of us poor buggers overseas without access to our documents, in this day and age?

The website offered no contact email address – obviously due to the overwhelming amount of abusive email they would rather avoid but did offer a sweet looking ‘Live Chat’ which I clicked on.
….. to use livechat however, …….I needed to input …… my Tax Number!
(To be fair, there were also options to contact via Twitter! But I don’t want friggin Twitter and would really rather not join just in order to contact my Tax Office).
So, ……I gave up! (Until my next visit).

I went into the local Department of Motor Vehicles to register a vehicle under the name of a Business.

I took with me the Govt issued Business registration showing that I was the owner of the business, the Govt issued receipt showing that I was the owner of the vehicle, previously registered in my own name, along with other ID documents, Drivers Licence etc showing that I was Me.

I was then told – seriously and with a straight face, that I would have to go back to my office, sit down, and on a Business Letterhead, write a letter from Myself, addressed to Myself, and giving Myself permission to register My vehicle under My Business name!

I thought I was on candid camera and would have asked what would happen if I didn’t give myself permission, but the innocent bureaucrat had such a straight face, I don’t think she comprehended the irony. Either that or she really did believe that the nonsense she was speaking must have made some kind of sense.

Believe it, or not.


Now I do feel for the poor underlings forced to dish out this kind of crap to ‘the people’. They are just doing their job, they are not allowed to make decisions and need some kind of paperwork filed away to cover their arse in case shit goes down.

BUT, I feel more for the people who are forced by the mindless bureaucracy they pay for, to endure the pain of this B.S. How much is enough?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes feels like a circus animal having to jump through hoops backwards to please a faceless master who then looks to me to get paid for it. Talk about getting bent over and F….d.

It is our duty to leave the world a better place. Imagine if your children could grow up in a world free from of all that un-necessary kerfuddle.

We now have the technology in our grasp to help us to achieve just that.


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