Blockchain to Replace Politicians?

Are you sick of Politicians? The swamp effect. The lurks and perks, revolving doors, outright corruption, representatives of corporatocracy over the will of the people – all the while sucking from the nipple of those who actually contribute to society?

Blockchain Technology presents us with the first real opportunity since Hammurabi to replace this system with direct people power.

Like the invention of the printing press, the Internet over the last 25yrs has given us more power over information. Knowledge is power. Those who would keep if for themselves are loosing their grip.

We are also able to self organise like never before. It has taken a little while but this revolution is now filtering through to the slow machinations of politics. We can participate more directly from the comfort of home, even in the formulation of policy.

For Example:

Now couple this with the more recent Blockchain Revolution. This gives us the power, like never before, to rid ourselves from the tyranny of rigged elections via corrupt ballot systems and voting machines – by using applications to record our vote on ‘The (non-corruptible) Blockchain’. One man, one vote etc.

Not only to vote for a ‘Party’ but also to vote for the ‘Policy’ of the party itself.

For Example:

It will not stop there however. What if we could use Blockchain Technology to actually replace Politicians!

Law is code. IF this; THEN that. Politicians legislate code.

Could not Blockchain carry the code, formulated and voted on by the people, and enacted by smart contracts….?

“Government is not the solution to our problems, Government is the Problem”.


Global Networks Are Necessary to Overcome Abusive Governments and Oligarchy