Blockchain to Replace Politicians?

Are you sick of Politicians? The swamp effect. The lurks and perks, revolving doors, outright corruption, representatives of corporatocracy over the will of the people – all the while sucking from the nipple of those who actually contribute to society?

Blockchain Technology presents us with the first real opportunity since Hammurabi to replace this system with direct people power.

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JPM Money Laundry.

You may remember Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P.Morgan slamming Bitcoin as merely a tool for criminals and Money Launderers.

He also stated that he was not going to comment on the Cryptocurrency any more.

After J.P.M’s latest bust for ‘money laundering’ (yet another notch in their long line of fiduciary f..k up’s and outright crime, which taxpayers pay innumerable bureaucrats in innumerable agencies, such as the SEC, to guard us against), perhaps no comment is needed.

Except in court I hope. (Yeah right, as if).