Lloyds, Visa, Mastercard, Citigroup, JP Morgan, …. a growing list of criminal organisations working under the cloak of crony capitalism (fascism) are seeking to tighten their monopoly over your money by telling you what you can’t do with it.

It’s for your own protection. They (We), want to protect you from being ripped off by scams and rushing into risky investments – according to MSM spin.

Making risky investments with your money, (and without your consent), is our job.
Your job is to bail us out when those investments fail.

Laundering of drug money, rigging interest rates, accidentally overcharging, charging fees for services not provided, creating fake accounts in your name, …. all the while paying ourselves fat bonuses is ok. As long as it’s us doing it.

You may however, invest in markets regulated by taxpayer funded agencies such as the SEC – as they are all about protecting the little guy! No risk of getting scammed there. (& no risk of them ever stopping us from scamming you!).

“…banks .. are unaccountable, breaching regulations as they please with a slap on the wrist at best, if that. So much thus for our democracy and our property rights when banks can just take our property whenever they please in what is descending into a kleptocracy.
And .. they wonder what the value of decentralized money is….no one can hear their song any longer. There’s a new money in town where you alone have full control over every aspect of it with no fat cat able to just take it whenever he likes”.

VISA and Mastercard make it harder to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Nine mega Banks accused of rigging interest rates to milk more money.

The capital controls and the outright crime is bad enough let alone the tired business models which require waiting days for electronic transfers to clear and paying exorbitant fees to send money overseas etc.

It’s all about control. And they are afraid. …Very afraid.

… So here’s to our wonderful Banking systems and their paid for bureaucrats growing fat off the public nipple. Public Servants who represent them us so well.

War On Cryptos Latest Battlefronts

Fed President Admits [We’re Shitting Ourselves!]

Dtube to Disrupt Youtube.

In another illustration of the superiority of BlockChain Tech over traditional business models you can now Get Paid to Watch or Post Videos, WTF?
Introducing Dtube.-Link.

“D.Tube is the first crypto-decentralized video platform, built on top of the STEEM Blockchain and the IPFS peer-to-peer network.
D.Tube (is) … an alternative to YouTube that allows you to watch or upload videos … while earning cryptocurrency doing it.
…D.Tube is not able to censor videos, nor enforce guidelines. Only the users can put a censorship, through the power of their upvotes and downvotes. … there are no hidden algorithms controlling the visibility or monetization of certain videos over others. .. D.Tube runs without advertising. Users remain free to advertise any product or service they would like, directly inside their own videos, at their own risk of losing their subscribers”.

You should be aware of the Net Neutrality Battle and of how GooTube is now censoring anything not deemed to contain enough anti Trump or anti Russian sentiment.

Well, thanks to the BlockChain Revolution, Dtube and other platforms like it, Mass Internet Censorship Can Suck It!

BlockChain to Defeat Mindless Bureaucracy?

You should be well aware by now that Blockchain Technology offers us much more than merely a means to store and transact in CryptoCurrencies.
We can use it to directly store, or to unlock the storage of all sorts of digital content from property titles to multimedia.

We can use it to keep that information private, available only to those we authorise by provision of the Key, or to keep information open to the public – for the record.

Imagine for a moment, if you will. Imagine if our Government issued ID’s (Passports, Drivers Licence, Tax Number, Birth Certificate, Social Security etc, etc, etc, ..), were issued onto a Blockchain. (As well as in hard copy).

Any Agency that thereafter requested an ‘original’, ‘notarised’ copy ‘not more than 6mths old’ etc could then access it online, with our express permission. And just imagine it was incorruptible, non hackable and immune to fraud, (or sale to third parties! etc). Something the technology is already capable of achieving.

Can you see the huge amount of waste, fraud, ID theft, etc this could eliminate overnight? Not to mention the sheer ‘pain in the arseness’ that citizens are forced to endure in their daily lives in order to comply with ever increasing amounts of bureaucratic … compliance.

I know I’m not the only one. Allow me to illustrate with a couple of personal examples which will no doubt bring to mind your own, many, many examples of similar such Bureaucratic Nonsense.

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Blockchain Tech. To Keep the Bastards Honest


What if Government was required to store it’s information on secure Blockchains?

An immutable, non-corruptable record of it’s activities and operations available for all time.

No doubt this idea will meet strong resistance as it negates the motive of protecting one’s arse, but therein lies the beauty of it. It will serve to keep the Government (Public Service), honest in innumerable ways.

Here are just a few examples of recent ‘mishaps’ that the use of Blockchain Tech. by Government might have prevented;

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Blockchain to Replace Politicians?

Are you sick of Politicians? The swamp effect. The lurks and perks, revolving doors, outright corruption, representatives of corporatocracy over the will of the people – all the while sucking from the nipple of those who actually contribute to society?

Blockchain Technology presents us with the first real opportunity since Hammurabi to replace this system with direct people power.

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Here’s what happened when they raised taxes 2,000+ years ago

By Simon Black – Soverign Man.

In 353 BC, as violent class warfare broke out across ancient Greece, one wealthy Athenian lamented in his journal,

When I was a boy, wealth was regarded as a thing so… admirable that almost everyone affected to own more property than he actually possessed. Now a man has to be ready to defend himself against being rich as if it were the worst of crimes.”

Ancient Greece had become deeply divided at that point.
The opportunities from new ‘technology’ and new trade routes created a lot of wealth for many people. Others were left behind.
Plato called it “the two cities” of Athens — “one the city of the poor, the other of the rich, the one at war with the other.”
Eventually the poorer citizens were able to take over ancient Greece’s prized democracy. And, putting themselves firmly in control of government institutions, the new politicians came up with the most creative ways of raising taxes, seizing property, and redistributing wealth.
They doubled taxes. Import duties and export fees were increased. Real estate transfer taxes soared.
And even though the city-states were in a time of relative peace, the government continued collecting a special ‘war tax’ to fill its coffers.
Naturally they targeted the wealthiest citizens first.
But their methods weren’t working. The poor remained poor.

So the government raised taxes even more and ‘broadened the base’ to also include most of the middle class.
It still didn’t work. They failed to realize that stealing people’s money doesn’t create long-term prosperity.
Meanwhile, commerce and economic growth ground to a halt. Anyone with any wealth, savings, or assets focused almost exclusively on protecting themselves against government confiscation.

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Putin Postures Against Central Banking Elite, Moves to Create Nat’l Cryptocurrency

By Matt Agorist – The Free Thought Project.

As the Free Thought Project reported earlier this year, Putin has begun preparing to release Russia from the crushing grip of the international banking system completely, by moving to a nationalist model based and conducting transactions with allies in gold.

After the massive push toward gold, however, Putin is looking to the future — and the future is in cryptocurrency.

Last week, seeking to further protect Russia from the claws of the international money changing cartel, Putin met with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.

As the US seeks to dominate the currency market by limiting the use of cryptocurrency, Russia is proving they are not as beholden to the bankers by facilitating competition with their native currency, the ruble.

As the US seeks to hack, dismantle, and fear monger over the incredible revolution that is the blockchain, Putin wants to implement it.

The digital economy isn’t a separate industry, it’s essentially the foundation for creating brand new business models,” Putin said.

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