AppLock Fingerprint
Android Phone App. Free.
With Smart AppLock you can lock your applications such as email, software wallets etc with a PIN or a pattern, making it appear as if those applications are not functioning. You can hide the fact that App Lock is installed on your phone.

Bitdefender Antivirus
Android Phone App. Free.
Cool little app to scan your device for viruses.

PC App. Free.
A powerful, multifunctional tool to clean PC. Uninstall programs, delete cookies & internet cache etc, scan & backup registry, wipe drives, perform system restore and more.


PC App. Free.
Scan for and eliminate viruses. Scans sites while browsing to detect threats and phishing sites. Scan downloads before installing. Sandbox Apps with potential malware and more.

Oxynger Key Shield
PC App. Free.
Log in to sensitive accounts using this virtual keyboard to protect against keylogging trojans and spyware.

Epic Privacy Browser
PC Internet Browser. Free.
Use this browser as a Virtual Private Network. Hide your IP address. Blocks trackers. Hides browsing history etc.

PC USB based alternative Operating System. Free. Open Source.
Tails is a beautiful little tool which functions as an amnesic operating system. It allows you to surf the internet anomiously among other things and leaves no trace (footprint) on your computer once you shut down.
To install follow the instructions here:
To learn more about Tails go here:


WARNING! – known TOR exploit.
I am only reccomending the use of Tails here for its capacity to be used to generate a paper wallet while offline so that when you shut down, no wallet.dat files are left on your hard drive.
The same can be achieved with an ubuntu usb Operating System
Which I would actually prefer (I think, although I havent actually used that) but which, due to my having been sucked into purchasing a Lenovo with pre installed Microsoft crap all over it that I can’t get rid of, is causing incompatibility issues with the ubuntu system.
I am not recommending the use of the TOR browser, while connected, to conduct any cryptocurrency business – due to this known exploit.