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Trading Education, Tools & Resources


This is an invaluable tool to develop a trading education. With more Indicators and Tools than you can poke a stick at. It’s not simply for Stocks and Forex Trading. It also covers 991 Cryptocurrencies! With more being added as they come to market.

If you’re new to trading cryptos, like me, it can be a bit to get your head around. There are a few good charting solutions out there but the best thing about -Trading View- unlike others, is that you can sign up for FREE and start using it straight away. This has really allowed me to develop my education, before I fully commit and ‘go pro’.

So what I have done to educate myself, is to create a free account and gotten used to the layout of the platform by watching youtube videos on “how to use Tradingview”. Doesn’t matter if the video relates to stocks or Forex markets, the basic principals are the same. This gives you a feel for how to overlay the Indicators and different Chart Tools, fib retracements etc, on the chart.

Then I’ve gone over to -TopDog- and signed up to get a free course of training videos in order to learn how to use the indicators, to analyise charts, how to develop a strategy and what set ups to look for.

Then back to Trading View to test out the strategy and practice looking for the set-ups. You can use TradingView to Backtest your strategy and to keep tweaking it to suit your needs. You can put text notes on the chart and save it so that when you come back later and pull up the same chart you’ll see how it played out. You can Publish the idea and consult the Community to find out why more experienced traders shoot your ideas to bits. You can Follow other traders to see what they are doing.

Use the Screener to filter through the different cryptos using pre set criteria to show only those conforming to your set up. Add them to a Watchlist and create Alerts to notify you when a particular event occurs.

Then you can Paper Trade to gain confidence in your methods before you go live and start loosing your own money.

You can link trading accounts and Trade Direct from the platform without having to log in to different accounts….the list goes on. (You can even write a Strategy and have it function like a robot – executing trades as you sleep). It’s chock full of functionality.

The free version is a little bit limited in comparison to the premium plans but is an excellent way to start educating yourself, (in conjunction with the TopDog video lessons), until you are more prepared. For instance; You only get one Alert which is emailed, no sms alerts. You only get 3 indicators on a chart and can’t overlay them. You can only save one chart layout etc. So you will quickly progress beyond this once you learn how to ‘play the game’. The good news here is that the premium versions only range from $10-$40 a month and start with a 30 day free trial! – Nothing to loose.

So when you’re ready to jump in, -go here- and sign up to have a play.

Free Video Trading Course