War On Cash

About The War On Cash

Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere you should be aware that our dear leaders are quickly tight ening the screws.[For the latest developments look:here]

Quite o bviously the plan is to corral us all into pens from which there is no escape and  from which we can be more easily fleeced. Then it’s ‘Tow the party line or we will f… you up completely rather than just steal from you as usual’.

If you’re reluctant to believe that our benevolent governments would hesitate to exercise such control over their subjects please examine the history books.

You will have no way to escape from the latest and greatest Bail-ins, fines levies and fees for whatever new rules & social programs they invent, negative interest rates, currency devaluations, etc. All for your own protection. Hello 1984. You will dare not criticise. Or else.

Operational procedure is to:

  • Use lamestream lapdog propagandist Presstitute Media Repeaters to demonize cash. To drum into us that cash is bad. Only criminals and tax cheats use cash..and besides, the logistics are too expensive.
  • To demonize (decentralised) cryptocurrencies for the same reasons – then to outlaw them.
  • Hijack BlockChain technology. Replacing open source code with their own locked and ‘approved’ versions, and removing the ‘de’ from ‘decentralised’. In the case of crypto-currencies they would also need to replace finite with infinite.
  • Then go after Gold, Silver and other metals for the same reasons.

Will it work? Perhaps Yes AND No.

Consider that 39% of world population still do not have a bank account. Link. 60% are still not internet connected. Link. Cash (and barter), remains their only means of trade. What will they do without cash?

This has not stopped Modi from trying to quickly progress with ‘the plan’ in India though. We shall see how he goes.

Some Countries may embrace it. At first. I’m thinking advanced social economies like Switzerland.
People will always find something to trade with. Be it legal or not. Consider Zimbabwe. Although against the law people dumped their own currency in favour of others, when they had to. The Black (free) Market rises in direct proportion to the taxes, obstacles and red tape that Government places in the way of free market operation.

I believe that while their may be certain ‘successes’ in some Countries there will always remain some people, somewhere, using forms of ‘cash’ without being labelled as criminals by their government. In countries where they are labelled criminals, those sectors of the population will continue to operate regardless.

“Large Denomination Notes Are Only Used by Criminals”..

Statistically this is not true. Link. So you can disregard that BS. In any case, do you think that if a government stopped printing legal currency notes that it would somehow stop criminal activity? You can bet your arse that criminals will always find alternative mediums of exchange.

Criminal activity forms a large part of the overall economy. The UN estimated the market for illegal drugs alone at $320 billion in 2003. Link. Larger than the entire economies of many Countries. Those crims and their cohorts in officialdom will not just give up their illegal trade because cash has been banned. They will still need a way to buy something useful with their proceeds, or to launder it. Politicians will still take bribes off the books. The CIA will still need to swap their drugs for something.

Those alternatives will simply become the new ‘cash’. They will have the qualities of ‘money’ ie; will be durable, portable and generally accepted as having a certain value. They will be widely circulated and the average Joe will also use it when they need to.

Why Bother Then?

The devious point is not to stop crime as such. Cash (or the new ‘cash’ – whatever takes it’s place), will not be technically illegal to possess. I predict. But possessing it will be an indicator of possible criminal activity. Police will in the main simply confiscate it under ‘civil asett forfiture’, (which already takes more from US citizens than burglary!), unless they have been ordered to make an arrest by their Mob bosses. Superiors.

The point is simply to further centralise control. To give Police the grounds of suspicion to criminalise and arrest dissidents or criminal competitors. To criminalise Mom and Pop. But you will be OK. That control will not be exercised over YOU – as long as you toe the line! Take the vaccine, subscribe to the approved groupthink and gleefully salute your leaders.

Have no doubt, this is a war on US. War has been declared on the Free Market. As it is in a persons nature to seek freedom, so too it is the nature of their markets, their dealings with each other. It is a war for control. The lines are drawn between the Bureaucrats and Main St.

However, like the ‘war on drugs’ and the ‘war on terror’ it will ultimately fail as Bureaucrats have no roll involving themselves in social issues. Yet they can’t let it go. It’s all they can do to justify their position and swelling lurks and perks. History has proven time and again that every attempt at social control by governments has been an abject failure and ultimately leads to the complete collapse of the government itself. Why is that?

The progress of a civilised society has very little to do with Government. They did not build that! Progressive achievements are made by entrepreneurs. By those willing to take a risk for potential reward. Kill the goose and your left with nothing.

Think of it this way; If you have two types of people. One produces something of value, contributes to the sum value of society, the other takes away from that value and contributes little to nothing, except perhaps putting barriers in the way of the other. If the 2nd type multiplies and becomes more numerous than their providers – that’s the easy path after all – How long before the first type becomes worn down, shrugs their shoulders and simply gives up altogether? How long can the parasite live without the host?

The totalitarian tip toe has taken us way too far in the wrong direction. Soverignty has been hijacked and war has been declared.

Cash itself is Also a ‘War’ on our Soverignty!

This ‘war on cash’ is just a further tightening of the same screw. Another step towardtotalitarian control. Don’t forget that since the removal of the gold standard in 1913, Government issued money – and paper notes in themselves – the way they are created from nothing, can be rehypothecated via fractional reserve banking and can be printed at will, manipulated and devalued is also an attack on our ability to remain soverign. For more on this look here and here.

It seems though that this is now not enough to satisfy them. It seems that the masters are in a hurry to close the gates before too many animals become aware of what is really going on.

Go Bitcoin…

In my opinion, and many others…Cryptocurrencies (not just Bitcoin) along with Open Source, P2P, Decentralised Blockchain Technology represent the best opportunity in 5000 years to remove ourselves, at least partially, from the sticky web of control.

And Dont Forget Gold

Good old gold. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Gold, silver and other metals, diamonds, art and jewlery. Physical tangible stuff will always be widely accepted as ‘money’ and not easily controlled by increasingly corrupt governments.

*Disclaimer: I don’t deny that we need some Government regulation and controls in society for proper function, to maintain property rights, to ensure a free and fair market, a properly functioning Police Force etc…. – probably more to prevent an over-swolen Bureaucratic class than anything else though – (include Corporate favouritism/Jobs for the boys leading to crony capitalism, monopolies, oligarchs ie; Fascism).

Blockchain to Replace Politicians?